Comodo Backup

Make sure you never lose any of your important files


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Today it is increasingly more difficult to keep your computer safe, so you need to keep backups of your most important files on hand and make sure that they are always up to date.

You can use Comodo Backup to reliably and smoothly back up your files. There are multiple options that allow you to customize your copies so that they meet your needs. It is a free application that runs on Windows.

You can access a number of very useful settings which include choosing the source and destination of the copy (local, FTP or CD), choosing between full or partial backups, selecting automated backup compression, automatically scheduling copies or setting different notification modes to let you know when the backup is complete.

With all this, you can work on your computer as you usually do while Comodo Backup backs up your computer for you, which makes this a really excellent tool.
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